How General Liability Insurance Protects Flooring Contractors

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Every company has individual needs based on their product and the services they offer. Working as an independent contractor installing flooring, or running a flooring installation company has a few challenges most other businesses don’t:

1. Equipment is moved from either the business’ storage or from the independent contractor’s home. Equipment is at risk of theft because larger equipment is often left on jobsites or in vehicles that can easily be broken into. Losing equipment or tools means losing the ability to work.

2. There is a risk of injury to employees on the job, clients inspecting the work and other sub-contractors that work on-site. Any of them that are injured due to unfinished flooring or flooring installation equipment can sue.

3. Risk of injury to employees. Moving flooring materials is strenuous work. A work injury can mean a job isn’t completed on time. The result could mean losing the client, losing future references or not being paid.

General Liability Insurance as well as Inland Marine Insurance protects flooring contractors. General Liability Insurance not only protects the business owner from accidents or injuries that occur during flooring installation, policies can now cover the business owner against lawsuits arising after completion of the job. If in a few months or a year the homeowner claims the work was not installed properly, hazardous materials were used, or an injury arises because of a tile coming loose or wood flooring lifting, the flooring contractor will be covered. Small businesses especially suffer from time spent in court or paying lawyer’s fees. Not only does it cost money, but it takes time away from securing other jobs or completing jobs already in progress.

With general liability insurance, employees are covered if they get injured on the job. Instead of paying money out of pocket for hospital bills and physical therapy treatments, let your insurance company take care of you so you can focus on what’s really important.

We all know a flooring contractor can’t do work without tools. Stolen tools can literally halt a job. Inland marine insurance covers moveable property, such as tools and installation equipment.

When you’re covered with a solid insurance policy, your focus can be where it should be – on finding clients, and installing flooring. Let us worry about the ‘what ifs’ that can happen. At Richard Turner San Diego Insurance Company we have you covered. We know how devastating a single lawsuit can be to a small business owner or even a well-established business. With our customized insurance policies we’ll make sure you have the coverage you need and not a blanket policy that charges you for services you don’t need.

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