Errors and Omissions

This insurance might sometimes be referred to as Malpractice Insurance, depending on the profession, or Professional Liability Insurance.

Errors and Omission Insurance covers you if you fail to provide a service that you promised or if that service is not provided on time or in the capacity in which it was promised. For example, if you are a dog walker and you forget to show up for your client’s walk and the dog develops a bladder infection as a result, you could be held responsible. If you don’t deliver your product or service or the quality of the product or service you promised on time, the client could lose money, current and future business and credibility.

Malpractice insurance covers professions in the health industry like surgeons, family practitioners, plastic surgeons, acupuncturists or anyone else that provides services that affect the physical wellbeing of their client. People are only human and mistakes happen. Today, however, accidents are not often left at that. People want someone to be responsible. We want to take care of you so that an ongoing lawsuit doesn’t shut your business down due to extended litigation fees.

General contractors and those in the building professions will also want to be covered in case their business ends up defunct or they cannot complete the job they started. If there are structural weaknesses or collapses due to a job that was completed, you’ll want to be covered.

A lawn care company might spray a higher dose of pesticide than needed and result in the death of a favorite tree or lawn needing to be replaced. A lawyer may offer advice that results in a client going to jail. No matter your profession, stay safe with a comprehensive Errors and Omission Insurance Policy.

In fact any business that offers services, whether personally or in the form of products sold needs some type of Errors and Omission Insurance. Once a lawsuit is field against you, there will be costs of money and time, even if the case is eventually thrown out or settled in your favor. If it’s not settled in your favor, where will the money come from to pay the settlement? This is where Richard Turner San Diego Insurance Agency comes in. We want to make sure you are protected in the event of a grievance filed against you, whether it’s concrete or imagined. If your actions or inactions result in financial loss for a client you are liable.

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