Restaurant Insurance

If you own a business you will want insurance to cover you in case of theft, natural disasters, arson, litigation and more. Because restaurants deal with perishable items, there are types of insurance that are specific to restaurant owners. Most restaurants require more than one type of insurance. At Richard Turner San Diego Insurance Agency we bundle the insurance you need for greater savings.

Below are the types of insurance we recommend for restaurateurs:

  • Property Insurance. Imagine buying the perfect property for your business only to have it burn down the next day due to natural disaster or arson? Property Insurance covers any damage done to the physical building. We recommend that business owners in California have earthquake coverage. We also recommend insuring signage for your business.
  • General Liability Insurance. This type of insurance will cover you in the event a patron is injured while on your property. Icy walkways, tripping over a chair in the restaurant and falling can result in a lawsuit. Sometimes people experience food poisoning and whether or not they can prove it came from your restaurant, you may be liable if the person was at your establishment the day the he or she got sick. General Liability Insurance also covers this.
  • Liquor Liability Insurance. Most states require Liquor Liability Insurance in case a person who has been drinking at your establishment drives home and injures property, a person or an animal.
  • California law requires Workers Compensation Insurance to protect employees who are injured while on the job.
  • Utility Services & Spoilage Coverage. This covers the cost of perishable goods if they go bad due to power outages or floods. Generally this type of insurance is relatively inexpensive.
  • Business Crime Insurance. This covers theft and other crime that takes place on your property or with regards to your business.
  • Employee Practices Liability Insurance. Something to consider are lawsuits that take place against restaurant owners for discrimination, wrongful termination or sexual harassment. Employee Practices Liability Insurance will cover your court costs in the event of a lawsuit regarding the above.

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