Understanding Business Owners Policy (BOP)

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Business Owners Policy is a type of insurance policy that combines both property insurance and liability insurance. Essentially a BOP is an insurance package designed to save you money over purchasing several different types of individual insurance such as property insurance, business interruption insurance, crime insurance, business vehicle coverage, liability insurance and natural disaster insurance.

Because small and mid-sized businesses have enough to focus on with simply running their business and making a profit, we at Richard Turner San Diego Insurance Company work with you to design a custom Business Owners Policy that fits with your specific needs.

Some companies operate from home or are run by a single person. In these cases, the owner wouldn’t need Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI). Working from home, the owner may already have home insurance, which in this case would act as property insurance. However the business itself would still need business interruption insurance, crime insurance, vehicle coverage and liability insurance.

Other mid-size businesses may need to cover their employees with EPLI insurance. Businesses that own their own property, rent or lease buildings will want to be covered with property insurance in the case of damage done to the building.

We take pride in determining each customer’s individual needs and crafting an insurance policy that will save you money over individual policies, while providing the exact coverage you need. We work with your budget to create a plan that you can afford, but that will cover you in case misfortune strikes.

If you have questions about Business Owners Policy (BOP) and how it can offer you the security you need to allow you to focus on what really matters – running your successful business, give us a call. If you currently have a BOP but are unsure if it offers the type of coverage you need, or if it covers things you don’t need covered, give us a call and we would be happy to review your current policy.

At Richard Turner San Diego Insurance Company, we worry about your insurance needs so you don’t have to.

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