Why Tile Companies Need Insurance

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Some companies get insurance when they launch their business, other companies get insurance after they have had a reason to such as theft, property damage, lawsuits and more. We recommend getting insurance before you have a reason to.

So why are we singling out tiling companies of all the industries out there as needing general liability insurance including insurance to cover potential losses?

Here are a few reasons:

1. Small tile companies tend to hire workers as needed instead of having a full-time staff. This means each person on the team is a critical player. If someone gets injured on the jobsite, you could lose your reputation, time and money. For larger companies with full time staff, insurance will cover you against employees being injured on the job, employees claiming harassment or unfair discharge.

2. Tile is heavy. Any time repetitive heavy lifting is involved in a job, there’s a potential for injury. If you run your own business and get hurt on the job, how are you going to continue earning income while out of work recovering? One possibility is to hire someone to complete your jobs, but that means bringing home a much smaller percentage of the pay. Or, you could purchase an insurance policy that will cover you for the time you are out of work, meaning there is no interruption in your income.

3. If a subcontractor for another company trips over your tile and is injured, you may be liable.  

4. If vandals break into a job site or into your work truck or van and steal tile or other tools and supplies, let insurance cover the costs.

We look at insurance as job security. You can be secure in your job and your work if you don’t have to worry about lawsuits, theft and robbery. While any of the above will most likely be a cause for frustration, at least with insurance they won’t be cause for financial hardship or loss of income.

At Richard Turner San Diego Insurance Company we work with you to make sure you have the coverage you need for your individual business needs. Tiling companies have different needs than Wall Street workers. We want you to know we have you covered. Call us today and let us review your current policy or let us write you a policy that focuses on what you need, instead of a blanket policy.

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